What Is E3 Academy?

22 Sep , 2015  

Getting that first step onto the career ladder is often the hardest. A common issue for many graduates is that they can’t get a job without having relevant experience, yet can’t get the relevant experience without having a job.

Around 40% of UK students are unable to find suitable employment within six months of graduating, which leads many to take work in unrelated fields. Thankfully, in an age where the UK is crying out for engineers, schemes exist which aim to equip under-graduates with both the skills and experience they need to find fulfilling employment in their specialist area.

The Electrical Energy Engineering (E3) Academy was created with the aim of fast-tracking young engineering talent into careers by providing financial support in the form of a bursary, as well as a minimum of eight weeks paid work placement throughout each year of the course, and a provisional job offer upon completion of the degree.

The academy is a joint venture between organisations from the electrical industry and the universities of Bristol, Nottingham and Newcastle. The three universities each offer the E3-approved four year Masters programme in electrical & electronics engineering. By signing up to the course, students are able to access the full range of support options offered by E3.

It is a great way for the next generation of talent to secure themselves the support of a major organisation, as well as the security that comes from knowing a provisional job offer will be forthcoming upon completion of your studies.

Control Techniques has been an integral part of the Mid Wales business landscape for decades and takes its responsibility to the local area seriously. It is for this reason that we are particularly keen to offer opportunities like this to anyone locally and would urge anyone who is interested to get in touch so we can guide them through the application process.

We have plenty of examples of younger people joining the company and progressing through the ranks and are keen to ensure this commitment to Newtown remains a feature of the business as we continue to grow and expand our global footprint.

Students in years 12 and 13, as well as recent school leavers, are invited to contact Control Techniques to find out more about E3, or any other opportunities within the company.

For more information on the E3 Academy, visit, or email

By Roland Lee, global recruitment manager for Control Techniques

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