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19 Apr , 2016  

Continuing our series looking at the people behind the careers, here we speak to Ramon Troy, an application manager based in Barcelona.

Name: Ramon Troy

Position: Global Application Manager

Department: GSS Automation Solutions

Location: Barcelona

Education background:

I completed a Masters in industrial engineering (essentially a mix of mechanical & electrical engineering), specializing in power electronics at UPC (Catalonian Polytechnic University). In parallel, I learned deeply about software programming as this was a nice hobby, and this mix has allowed me to create a career project looking at how to control motors using artificial intelligence.

Career background:

My career has been basically developed at Control Techniques and sometimes I’ve co-operated with the university as teacher in some specific areas. At Control Techniques I’ve had the opportunity to grow from an application engineer to, later on, have my own team to develop applications and standardize solutions for our local market. At this stage I was also responsible for our main technological accounts, not only helping them to grow but allowing me to gain valuable business and commercial experience, which is something I would recommend to any technician. After this I got the position of applications director in Spain where I remained until I accepted my current position as global application manager.

When did you join the company, and in what role?

I joined in 2000 as an application engineer.

Describe your current role and that of the department in which you work?

My role has several sides. First concerns our new applications team at Oradea; the team is still relatively small and new but they are improving very fast and we already have a lot of work.
A key part of the task is making this team operative as soon as possible. These applications can be for specific customers, like now, where we are involved in a big cranes project, or for standardization projects. On the other side I provide assessment to countries who want to develop applications in which they have a lack of experience. This can be with my own experience or looking for this knowledge/experience in other countries. The department is still quite young and there’s still a lot of work to do, like increasing our visibility to the different countries and demonstrating how we can be useful to them. We want to increase our presence as a connection point between countries, for example helping to share know-how or gaining experience from certain countries to standardize applications that can benefit everybody, as well as providing tools to help countries to develop their own projects faster.

Your key responsibilities?

At the moment my key responsibilities are to ensure the success of the applications team in Oradea.

Task you do the most in your role?

As said before, now the task I do most is to work with the Oradea Team and create a consistent way for them to understand application development.

Task you enjoy the most in your role?

I really enjoy all the new and challenging projects we’re faced with.

Main challenges?

The main challenges I face are related to the fact that we are a new team, which brings with it a certain set of challenges.

How are you measured?

This is a nice question that probably should be translated to my boss! I do understand that, like everybody, I’m measured by results. As the Oradea team grows in influence, we will be better able to demonstrate our performance.

Worked on any projects you’re particularly proud of?

Lots of them in my previous role, but as my role it’s quite new, you should repeat this question to me next year!

What personal/technical characteristics or skills are crucial to your role?

This is a tricky question, as I use my skills for my work meanwhile another person with other skills will use a different approach to the same (or similar) work. I can tell the main skills that help anyone in any position include being passionate for their work, having great communicative skills, being pro-active in their position and trying to create a big picture of the business and what you can do for the business from your position. Probably the most important thing however is to try every day to be better than yesterday. After this, in this specific position you obviously need a strong technical background and experience.

What opportunities are there for progression?

In my opinion the opportunities are as big as the success of the department, and in this case it’s more than true as the department is quite new and this means that the solutions department is alive, growing and looking for the sun as a plant does! It’s important now to help the department catch the sun, then we can all grow with it.

Advice for anyone considering a future in engineering?

Lots of them. Engineering is for me like a nice tool box; it gets you tools to do things, and not only in the technical point of view but also helping you to improve from the personal point of view, and this is an important resource for an engineer. From my point of view, the most important advice would be don’t settle for being satisfied just with what you are or know now. All knowledge you obtain will be useful, things are not static, the world changes and you should also change with the world. Look at the global picture but don’t lose focus on the detail and remember you are in a team. As some people say, you should always try to be “the better you” in all the things you do.

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