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Wearable Powered Robots Help With Heavy Lifting

31 Jan , 2017  

Hyundai Motor is using assistive technologies to generate wearable powered robots for use outside its automotive sector. Such robots can provide independent personal mobility for paraplegics and the elderly, and also include a wearable exoskeleton to assist with heavy lifting in the workplace.

The H-MEX (Hyundai Medical EXoskeleton) helps patients with lower spinal cord injuries regain the ability to walk. By utilising a wireless clutch with on-board motion control system, the equipment gives paraplegics the ability to sit, stand, move, turn and even walk up or down stairs.

The HUMA (Hyundai Universal Medical Assist) exoskeleton operates on a different control principle, but it provides assisted mobility support for people with limited muscular power. It provides assistive torque to help those with limited mobility to easily move their bodies.


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