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Stretchable Electronics: Out Of The Lab And Into The Market

6 Mar , 2017  

Senior Technology Analyst at IDTEchEx James Hayward has authored a new report summarising the commercialisation of stretchable electronics. Electronic devices continue to advance, but for this to continue, electronics need new form factors in order to integrate seamlessly into their surroundings.

The report covers all stretchable electronic materials and components that are either commercial today, or are approaching commercialisation within the next decade. This ranges from established growing markets (various sensor types, circuit boards and other stretchable connectors and cabling, etc.), to new emerging markets (stretchable examples of conductive inks, TCF and e-textiles, relevant substrates for each, other sensors including smart skins, in-mould electronics, etc.) and finally to long-term projects in stretchable electronics which remain largely academic today but will become more important with time (energy storage and harvesting solutions, new sensor types, displays, transistors and more).

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