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Rise In Number Of Professionally Registered Women Engineers And Technicians

14 Apr , 2017  

The UK Engineering Council’s Annual Registration Statistics Report shows that 9,937 engineers and technicians were added to the national Register in 2016, an increase of more than 6% compared to the previous year. The report also reveals that the number of women who became professionally registered last year increased by over 19% compared to 2015, with women representing almost 11% (1,072) of all new registrations in 2016. Overall, by the end of last year women represented 5.2% of all engineers and technicians listed on the Engineering Council Register, up from 4.8% in 2015.

Alasdair Coates, who joined the Engineering Council as CEO in March 2017, says: “We are pleased to see some positive trends in new registrations, with an unprecedented number of Engineering Technicians becoming registered in 2016. While the proportion of women engineers and technicians on the Register is still low, the number of female registrations has been consistently growing year on year. This may be a result of the many initiatives in the professional engineering community that are working hard to promote and support women in engineering and is a trend we hope to see continue in 2017 and beyond.”

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Andy Pye

Andy Pye

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