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Optimisation Of The Industrial Ethernet For The Process Industry

19 Jan , 2017  

Hot off the press from the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg, ODVA, a global association of leading automation companies, announced a collaboration with NAMUR, an international user association of automation technology in the process industries, to advance the adoption of industrial Ethernet in the process industries.

The focus between NAMUR and ODVA will be an activity to continue the refinement of formal requirements for an Ethernet communication system for the process industry through joint collaboration between the Working Group 2.6 Fieldbus (WG) and the ODVA Strategic Market Requirements Team for its Process Initiative (SMRt).

The WG and the SMRt have agreed to on-going discussions on the requirements for successful deployment of process field devices on industrial Ethernet spanning a wide variety of topics such as physical layer, device integration and diagnostics. One area of cooperation will be the installation of an EtherNet/IP system in the process automation lab at Industriepark Höchst, a centre of the European process industry located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The system will be a multi-vendor system comprised of process field devices, control systems and infrastructure from ODVA members. It aims to provide process users with a hands-on environment to learn more about the benefits of industrial Ethernet for process applications in general and EtherNet/IP in specific as well as to identify needs for the application of Ethernet-based process field devices versus classical fieldbus-based process field devices.

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