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Zero backlash harmonic gearing

10 Aug , 2018  

A sister company to Control Techniques, Nidec-Shimpo, has a history of supplying the leading robotics and machine tool manufacturers in Japan. A new product called Flexwave is a compact harmonic gear reduction mechanism that achieves zero backlash, as well as exceptional positioning accuracy, torque density and repeatability.

Flexwave Nidec Shimpo

These characteristics make it attractive in robotics, machine tools, medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, satellite communications and assembly automation applications.

The Flexwave consists of three internal elements — the flexspline, the circular spline and the wave generator. The elasticity properties of the flexspline and the teeth differential between the flexspline and the circular spline result in its unique reduction characteristics.
The Flexwave comes in various form factors, including component sets, simple contained assemblies and complete gear units. Open, closed, solid and hollow shaft configurations give engineers design options.

The device is also available in ultra-flat and high torque variations for applications with demanding footprint and performance requirements. Dimensions are also interchangeable against industry standards, making it easier to implement in legacy equipment.


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