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Electric Vehicle (EV) crossover target in danger of being missed

17 Jul , 2018  

Further to recent speculation that Michael Gove will also include the ban on the sale of new hybrid cars, as well as petrol and diesel by 2040, automotive experts at leading real estate services company, Colliers International, say this is just going create even more confusion and uncertainty in the marketplace, with buyer confidence being driven down unnecessarily.

John Roberts, Head of Automotive and Roadside at Colliers commented: “Recent legislation from the UK government has allocated funding to support local authorities in creating the necessary electric charging infrastructure which is welcome. Yet the market is still in its infancy and some of these initiatives are perhaps causing some consumer confusion. Currently, there are over 5,000 locations in the UK that have a public charging point installed and there are over 9,000 devices at these locations, which provide 15,000 connectors. Although these statistics are impressive, the number of connectors and devices will need to at least quadruple in the short term to meet the demand from the increasing sales of Electric Vehicles.”

Colliers’ research also highlights ‘range anxiety’ –  the concern held by potential EV owners that the vehicle could run out of power before reaching their desired destination – as a key deterrent to Electric Vehicle ownership.


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