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Electric Vehicle Energy Harvesting/Regeneration 2017-2037

13 Jul , 2017  

The IDTechEx Research report on Electric Vehicle Energy Harvesting/Regeneration (EH/R) 2017-2037 was researched this year and forecasts the technologies involved in this key enabling technology. EH/R will be as important and sometimes more important than motors, batteries and power electronics: significant opportunities await vehicle, parts and material manufacturers.

The report clarifies the complexities and the future of both the technologies and the vehicles using the technologies. Electric vehicles are creating more and more of their own electricity from daylight, wind and other sources including regeneration. Regeneration converts wasted heat and movement in the vehicle into electricity, as with a turbine in the exhaust.

More elegantly, regeneration prevents wasted heat and movement in the first place as with regenerative suspension giving a better ride and longer range and flywheels replacing burning brake disks. Shock absorbers can create electricity that controls them to give a smoother ride.

The format of the report is an executive summary and conclusions sufficiently comprehensive to be read on its own, an introduction explaining terminology and options, chapters on the most promising technologies now and in the future – Electrodynamic, Photovoltaic, Triboelectric, Dielectric Elastomer Generator, Thermoelectric and Piezoelectric.

It is shown how some are being proved in applications such as wave power, but vehicle applications are in the roadmaps such as tyres, sails, boat hulls and airship fabric that generate electricity and how many will combine into structural electronics.

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